NFAIS Launches Lunch & Learn Virtual Education Series

Deadline for prospective speakers to submit presentations is August 7, 2015

June 24, 2015, Annapolis, MD – The National Federation of Advanced Information Services (NFAIS™), a global, nonprofit membership organization serving the information community, announces the launch of a virtual program called the NFAIS Lunch & Learn Education Series.

As part of this program, NFAIS invites information experts and professionals to submit presentations to speak in one of the scheduled Lunch & Learn webinars beginning in September 2015. Accepted presenters will share their experiences and expertise on relevant topics in information services, and make valuable contributions to the information community.

Interested potential speakers can submit presentations by August 7, 2015 to be considered for acceptance by NFAIS’s Workshop and Webinar Planning Committee for the first set of webinars this fall and in 2016.

“We’re excited to introduce this virtual education series for our NFAIS members and the larger information community,” says Marcie Granahan, NFAIS Executive Director. “Information professionals today – whether in the commercial sector, non-profit, academia or government – are dealing with a range of complex, intersecting issues. Being positioned right in the middle of these sectors, NFAIS is able to bring this community together in one forum to collaborate and think through the common issues we face.”

Attendees of the Lunch & Learn education series will have access to a dynamic, interactive webinar forum to hear from their peers and learn about emerging technologies, innovative business models, plus new thinking and ideas in the scholarly research and publishing fields. The Lunch & Learn Series is free for NFAIS members while non-members are charged a nominal fee.

Throughout the NFAIS Lunch & Learn education series, presenters will be scholarly and commercial publishers, government officials, entrepreneurial startup leaders, research librarians, data and database professionals and more. Topics covered will range widely from open access, discovery and mobility of information, research data management and publication, the globalization of content, to how new content platforms are changing the game for scholarly researchers and publishers. Attendees of this education series will be at the forefront of understanding what’s new, cutting edge and thought-provoking in the information services community.

Prospective presenters can read about the NFAIS Lunch & Learn presentation guidelines and the evaluation process at the program's website.

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The National Federation of Advanced Information Services (NFAIS™) is a global, nonprofit, volunteer-powered membership organization that serves the information community – that is, all those who create, aggregate, organize, and otherwise provide ease of access to and effective navigation and use of authoritative, credible information. Member organizations represent a cross-section of content and technology providers, including database creators, publishers, libraries, host systems, information technology developers, content management providers and other related groups. They embody a true partnership of commercial, nonprofit and government organizations that embraces a common mission – to build the world's knowledge-base through enabling research and managing the flow of scholarly communication. NFAIS exists to promote the success of its members and for more than 50 years has provided a forum in which to address common interests through education and advocacy.