OpenAthens Cloud launches at the Frankfurt Book Fair


Frankfurt, Germany, October 13, 2017OpenAthens builds upon its global access tools for digital content providers through its new cloud-based single sign-on solution

OpenAthens, the international identity and access management software provider for the information industry, today officially launches its cloud-based content provider solution at one of the world’s largest publishing events, the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Content providers no longer need to wrestle with the frustrations of implementing and maintaining complex access management applications based on SAML. OpenAthens Cloud enables federated single sign-on via OpenID Connect: a standard protocol for the secure, lightweight transfer of authentication and user attributes, which has seen rapid adoption by global brands such as Google and Microsoft.

OpenAthens Cloud enables entry into the OpenAthens International Federation and national SAML federations across the world. It offers a fast and reliable connection to digital content and services as it is hosted in multiple global regions. Millions of individuals from thousands of organisations across the world can securely access multiple online resources with their everyday username and password, anytime and anywhere. User identities are managed by the customer, not the content provider, helping to comply with data protection legislation. As a cloud-based service, customers can also make cost and efficiency savings on server space, energy consumption, and scalability.

The service is ISO 27001 security standard compliant and security risks are mitigated through penetration testing. OpenAthens manages the required metadata and certificates in the cloud, leaving service providers to focus on delivering the best end user experience: for example, tracking engagement with individual users to shape the content and services they receive, or developing services based on individual roles or specific locations and groups.

Jon Bentley, Commercial Director at OpenAthens, said: “This new product brings increased connectivity and simplicity to digital content providers around the world – especially those who are new to the world of federated single sign-on and are aware of the opportunities it creates. OpenAthens Cloud builds on our aim of improving access to as many digital content providers and platforms as we can, connecting people to quality information.”

OpenAthens Cloud is developer-friendly as it is far less complex to implement than locally-hosted solutions, and requires fewer specialist skills, saving time and money. It is more versatile, offering support for native and mobile apps as well as web-based applications. And its simple user interface tools allow administrators to manage the login process hassle-free. For those who are looking for a simpler approach to federated single sign-on, or who want to move away from less secure IP recognition, OpenAthens Cloud provides the perfect solution.

About OpenAthens (

The team at OpenAthens develops and supports identity and access management software.  We are part of Eduserv.  Our origins stem from 1995 at the University of Bath, UK. The first incarnation of our product was developed in response to a need for controlled access to online resources, funded for UK Higher Education by JISC.  We exist to remove barriers to knowledge and connect people to information. Over 2000 organizations use our software, equating to a worldwide network of millions of end-users. In 2015, Eduserv won ‘Tech Provider of the Year’ in the Charity Times Better Society Awards. Now with four million end-users, OpenAthens continues to grow. We work with 13 partner organisations across the globe, which also sell and support the product. Our customer base is expansive including healthcare, education and corporates – all with a need for single sign-on to e-resources.