PeerJ announces expansion of its open access mega-journal to include Environmental Sciences


San Diego, CA and the UK, October 24, 2017—Open access publisher PeerJ announces the expansion of its flagship journal PeerJ to include a dedicated section on Environmental Sciences.

Starting today, researchers can submit manuscripts to PeerJ on a broad range of environmental science subject areas including environmental impacts, green chemistry, biogeochemistry, environmental contamination, anthropogenic factors contributing to climate change, and more.

Environmental sciences is a notably interdisciplinary field, with significant overlap into PeerJ’s traditional scope of biology, medical and health sciences. The field is responsible for producing vital research necessary for addressing pressing global challenges, yet researchers face a number of obstacles to getting their findings heard. By expanding the scope of its existing journal, PeerJ now offers environmental science researchers efficient peer review, high visibility for their papers, and rapid publication. PeerJ has published nearly 4,000 articles since 2013, all open access, receiving over 12 million views from around the world.

Environmental science is a field where open access to peer-reviewed research is of great importance to the global ecosystem now, and in the coming decades. The explicit inclusion of environmental science subject areas allows PeerJ to provide a high-quality, low-cost publication venue for environmental science researchers around the world.

Over 300 new Academic Editors have been added to the PeerJ board to ensure efficient peer review is overseen by leading experts in these fields. Announcing the launch, Peter Binfield, Co-founder and Publisher of PeerJ said, “this new section complements our current subjects - the intersection of the environment with biology and human health is a vibrant field with many strong connections to explore and we look forward to serving this community. With our high-quality, rapid, open access publications and our mission to drive down the costs to authors, we believe we have a strong offering for researchers in these fields.”

PeerJ is actively seeking submissions in this area and will be waiving all article processing charges for new manuscripts submitted to the new environmental science subject areas until the end of January 2018.

“The need to respond to complex emerging questions on how to address urgent environmental issues, such as climate change, requires multi and transdisciplinary approaches. Immediate and open access to what the scientific community produces is essential to foster co-production of knowledge relevant to decision making,” said Professor Maria Sanz, PeerJ Advisory Board member and Scientific Director of the Basque Centre of Climate Change. “We, scientists, also have a responsibility in the ways our work is shared and used. New models and avenues are necessary to ensure science is valued and scientific production reaches society where and when it is needed.”

In addition to its two journals, PeerJ and PeerJ Computer Science, PeerJ also hosts a free preprint server, PeerJ Preprints, for biology, medical, environmental and computer sciences. PeerJ publishes all articles under a Creative Commons Attribution license (CC-BY), which allows users to share, copy and distribute a work, while at the same time crediting the authors of the article.

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