Cenveo Publisher Suite Furthers Author Support With Smart Proof


Columbia, MD—November 30, 2017An Interactive Scientific Editing Tool That Streamlines the Publishing Process

Cenveo Publisher Services, a division of Cenveo, Inc. (NASDAQ: CVO), announces major updates to Smart Proof, an online proofing tool integrated as part of the Cenveo Publisher Suite. Smart Proof presents composed pages via any web browser and offers an interface to update articles and communicate with the production team.

Highlights of the new functionalities include MathML support, multi-user workflows, author query enhancements, reference/citation improvements and editor dashboards. Smart Proof provides authors a convenient and swift mechanism to see properly formatted and edited versions of their article. Math and scientific formulas are easier to edit with the WYSIWYG editor built into the system, ensuring accurate display with backend MathML.

“Improving the author experience to ensure scientific accuracy is the driving force behind all our tools,” explains Evan Owens, VP of Publishing Technologies at Cenveo Publisher Services. “Enhancements such as the ‘Editor Summary Panel’ in Smart Proof ensure journal editors and authors actually see and understand all changes in an article. Behind the scenes, Smart Proof maintains valid XML, which enables content distribution and discovery.”

The browser-based nature of the tool is a major factor behind Cenveo’s record-setting turnaround times in the scholarly publishing industry. With Smart Proof, publishers transform their production workflow by improving time to market, consolidating input from multiple reviewers, and providing consistent author support with an easy-to-use interface.


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