Barbara M. Ford joins NFAIS staff   

May 22, 2017, Annapolis, MD — The National Federation of Advanced Information Services (NFAIS) welcomes aboard Barbara Meyers Ford as its new Director, Marketing and Communications.  Barbara comes to NFAIS with a long history of contributions to the information community as a staff member, consultant, and active volunteer member.  With a diverse background in several key organizational functions Barbara provides additional breadth and scope to our headquarters staff.

Barbara’s primary responsibilities will include membership development along with marketing strategies and implementation in support of NFAIS educational programming: annual meeting, seminars, virtual workshops, and webinars along with the popular Lunch and Learn series. She will oversee and manage NFAIS Advances as well as the organization’s website and social media, highlighting SEO and SMO respectively.

In addition, Barbara will handle media relations, sponsorships for the Annual Conference and Humanities Roundtable, and serve as liaison to the NFAIS Marketing Committee.  

Barbara commented that, after having a 40+-year career with many and varied projects along the way, she is “quite ready to focus so much of my energies on a single organization, especially one such as NFAIS which I have always recognized as having a leadership role in the information community.”

“We’re very excited to have Barbara join the NFAIS staff,” shared NFAIS Executive Director, Marcie Granahan.  “Barbara is one of the leaders in our field and understands our industry well.  We look forward to the many contributions she'll bring to expanding NFAIS as an organization and the advancement of information services."

Barbara will devote 3 days/week to NFAIS and can be reached at 443-221-2980, Ext. 103or via email at [email protected].

About NFAIS (
The National Federation of Advanced Information Services ( NFAIS™) is a global, nonprofit, volunteer-powered membership organization that serves the information community - that is, all those who create, aggregate, organize, and otherwise provide ease of access to and effective navigation and use of authoritative, credible information. Member organizations represent a cross-section of content and technology providers, including database creators, publishers, libraries, host systems, information technology developers, content management providers and other related groups. They embody a true partnership of commercial, nonprofit and government organizations that embraces a common mission – to build the world's knowledge-base through enabling research and managing the flow of scholarly communication. NFAIS exists to promote the success of its members and for more than 50 years has provided a forum in which to address common interests through education and advocacy.